20 August, 2013


On the island of Tasmania, which is owned by Australia, in the north-eastern part of the island, is a beautiful city of Launceston. In the list of cities in the country ranked third Launceston, but on the sizes is firmly on the second.

The city stands on the ground, where once two rivers merged together: South Esk and North Esk (Esk River). The history of the city begins with 1806 year. Originally, the city resembled a small military-type village. People lived here., participating in an expedition to Australia led by William Patterson.

Today in Launceston tourists will be able to see the beautifully preserved buildings of that century. Beautiful, neat houses evoke a favorable atmosphere and remind of a kind of fairy tale. Because of the many green areas, the city was named «Garden City of the North».



Fans of antiques are recommended to visit a small museum at the radio station. There is a unique collection of gramophones and receivers starting with 1924 year. Almost all of the exhibits are in excellent, working state.

Not far from the city is the most beautiful lavender farm on earth. Visiting her, you'll get a lot of vivid impressions. You can also take a tour «flooded gorge» -Cataract gorge and at Ralph Falls and St. Calamba. Thrill-seekers will be able to visit the amusement park.

One of the city's neighborhoods is famous for its beer. After a tedious walk through the gorges and waterfalls, be sure to visit the Brewery Brewery. It offers real ales and lagers and enjoys local cuisine, so and Indian or Mediterranean of fish and shellfish. Try also sharp blue cheeses and locally produced.
The whole neighborhood is built up many diverse breweries, where do all the familiar Tasmanian beer.


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