The most liveable city in the world for the fourth consecutive year, voted Melbourne

20 August, 2014


Знаковые небоскребы Мельбурна.

Iconic skyscrapers in Melbourne.

Melbourne was recognized as the most livable city in the world for the fourth year in a row, and three other Australian cities also went top-10.

According to a global study British Economic Research Institute (The Economist Intelligence Unit – EIU), Melbourne has exceeded 139 the livability of cities in the world and received the highest score in the area of health, Education, sports and infrastructure.

Кафе Мельбурна.

Turns out, the rest of the world loves the relaxed lifestyle Cafe Melbourne.

Director of the Institute, Denis Napsin said, that low crime rate, world class health and leading educational institutions, all this played a role in winning the Melbourne Graduate Awards for this year.

«This is a great result for Melbourne and Victoria,» said Mr. Napsin.

«This is the fabulous, that we have achieved a perfect score in the area of health, Education, infrastructure and sports, and we got stunning results in culture and environment Wednesday and stability.»

Lord Mayor Robert Doyle said, that proud, Melbourne received the highest award.



«Get the recognition the most liveable city in the world for four years in a row is a great honor and testifies to enviable life, offered by Melbourne,» said the Lord Mayor.

Закат на реке Ярра, Мельбурн.

Rowers at sunrise, during a workout on the Yarra River in Friday, 15 Augusta 2014 year. Photo: Hamish Blair.

«Security, the stability and balanced growth were key to livability and prosperity in Melbourne.»
According to him, high scores in health and education were «especially pleasant».

The ten most liveable cities in the world:

1 Melbourne, Australia
2 Vein, Austria
3 Vancouver, Canada
4 Toronto, Canada
5 Adelaide, Australia
6 Calgary, Canada
7 Sydney, Australia
8 Helsinki, Finland
9 Perth, Australia
10. Окленд, Новая Зеландия

Beach lovers watching sunset on the Bay of Port Phillip between Church Kilda and Port Melbourne. Photo: Andrew Henshaw.

Ten least liveable cities:

1 Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire
2 Tripoli, Libya
3 Douala, Cameroon
4 Harare, Zimbabwe
5 Алжир, Algeria
6 Karachi, Pakistan
7 Lagos, Nigeria
8 Port Moresby, PNG
9 Dhaka, Bangladesh
10. Damascus, Syria

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