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Adelaide - the capital of South Australia


Adelaide is the capital of South Australia and the fifth largest city in the country. This beautiful city is the cultural and scientific capital of the country, because there are all the three University of South Australia, several technology parks and research centers, many colleges and schools. There are also several focused industrial centers, as well as the military-industrial production and many defense SRI, namely 70% Australia's defense sector. In particular, it is located in Adelaide Corporation, which is engaged in the construction of submarines of the "Collins" (We wrote about them in detail in the article: «Australia will use the Swedish experience in the construction of submarines»).
In the historical city-wide Adelaide pretty young. It was founded in the late 1836 year. Unlike cities such as Melbourne and Canberra, based on both the settlement escaped convicts, Adelaide was initially the only free British settlement on the mainland.
Father – founder of the city, is Colonel William Light, by which Adelaide has today a very elaborate plan, wide area and multiband highway, as well as beautiful natural parks in the city center.



With 1970 , the City a lot of effort and resources invested in the development of the arts, museums, stadiums and other cultural and sports facilities. There are always plenty of festivals, concerts and sporting events. So for example the first Grand Prix Formula -1 already started in Australia in Adelaide is a 1985 year. Many famous racing drivers started their careers here, in 1994 by Michael Schumacher won the world title on the track in Adelaide.
Tourists, first came to Adelaide will not be bored. Beautiful city, Located on the coast of the Gulf of St. Vincent with beautiful white sand beaches, with a variety of museums and parks, colorful natural lands, Golf, Tennis, Riding. You can go sailing or take a guided tour by boat on the River Torrens. It is worth to visit the famous botanical garden, founded back in 1857 year. Be sure to visit the Barossa Valley, there you can enjoy a very tasty red wine, famous for far outside Australia and visit the museum of winemaking.
Of course in – megacities have a variety of restaurants, bars, cafe. You can settle into comfortable hotels with great amenities. The most popular, say 4-star Hotel Riviera, Located next to the University of South Australia.




What is interesting about Sydney?

Today, Sydney is considered practically the most beautiful city in the world. It is located in Australia, the smallest continent.
Placed the city on the coast of the Tasman Sea on the banks of Sydney Harbour. In recent years, Sydney has become a modern metropolis. In the western part of the city soar skyward Blue Mountains. Read the rest of this entry »

City of Sydney, Sydney

Сидней. The Australian city of Sydney (Sydney) - Capital SydneyNew South Wales and the largest city in Australia with an area of 12144.6 km2 and a population of 4,50 million.

Sydney was the site of the first colonial European settlement in Australia and is located on the southeast coast of Avstralii.Poselenie built on the shore of a beautiful little coves round - Sydney Cove ( Sydney cove), located in the middle of the bay unique extended Sydney Harbour - the southern branch of the Bay of Port Jackson, separated by a narrow strait from the Tasman Sea.

In what city was built south of the Sydney Harbor Bay, and then around, that was the reason, that Sydney is often called "near Bay City» ( The Harbour City).
Read the rest of this entry »

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