Sydney - the heart of Australia!

16 August, 2013




Sydney - a modern big city, located in south-eastern Australia. This vibrant metropolis , with skyscrapers, parks, beaches and the mad rhythm of life.
Introduction to city, most tourists begin exploring its main symbol-Opera, its design reminiscent of the Lotus Flower. This theatre was inaugurated in 1973 the year Queen Elizabeth II.
Interest and Cathedral of Sydney, built in Gothic style in the 19th century. Proud of the Cathedral are the magnificent stained-glass Windows, depicting biblical scenes, as well as copies of the statues of the great Italian sculptor Michelangelo.
Sydney is the oldest Observatory in Australia and, where are accrued for 150 years of its existence, the astronomical instruments. Visitors can admire the starry sky through a telescope, created in the second half of the nineteenth century.. Also in the Observatory is cinema, showing non-fiction movies about space.
The city is also an impressive Harbour Bridge "connecting the two partial Bay area. This bridge is very high, that helps to seamlessly swim beneath even the great liner.
Popular with tourists and trehsotmetrovoy tower AMP Tower. There are two viewing platforms, that offer a magnificent view of Sydney. One of the sites open, and most importantly with a glass floor! Not everyone dares to walk on it.

Without leaving Sydney, tourists can visit in China - for this you just have to visit the Chinese Garden of Friendship. The garden is decorated by designers from Guangzhou - the sister city of Sydney, but its main attraction is the Dragon Wall, symbolizing the friendship between the two countries.
Surfers and beach holidays just would enjoy this city.
Tours & Activities in Sydney to better organize themselves, at no additional cost to travel agencies. This will save you well and see exactly, that interest you personally.




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