City of Townsville, Townsville

10 Декабрь, 2010


The Australian city of Townsville (Townsville), located in the northeastern part of the Stata Kvislend and is the center of the same area of ​​local government. The population of Townsville 143 thousand people. Most major cities are nearby in Mackay 330 kilometers south-east and in the Cairns 300 kilometers to the north.

City of Townsville is located in the 1300 kilometers north of Brisbane and is situated in proximity to the Great Barrier Reef because of this city became a center for research of coral reefs. In Townsville there is a very large tropical aquarium, which contains rare species of flora and fauna of the Great Barrier Reef.



In Townsville is named after James Cook University ( James Cook University), CSIRO Research Centre, Australian Institute of Marine Biology (Australian Institute of Marine Science), Headquarters Marine National Park, Great Barrier Reef, and AFB.

The main infrastructure of Townsville is the export of minerals. They are exported through the port, who is here, and is the largest in the region. Also in Townsville is well-developed tourism. Most tourists are attracted here the Great Barrier Reef, Magnetic Island ,and of course the jungle around the town.

Despite that, that the city is located in a tropical climate, the winter rainy season is much less pronounced, than in other places, in particular, in Cairns. The warmest month of the year - December, with an average temperature of the day 31.4 °C, and the coldest - July average temperature during the day 25.0 °C.°C

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