Approved master plan for Sydney Airport

18 February, 2014


Sydney International Airport domestic terminal. Фото: AAR.

The Federal Government has approved a 20-year master plan for Sydney Airport, which is designed to meet the projected demand 74 million. passengers to 2033 year.

The plan includes general domestic and international terminals and improvement of access roads for ground transportation and was designed to improve the efficiency and safety of the airport.

Sydney Airport Chief Executive Kerry Maher welcomed the decision of the Government, because it will allow the airport to handle a projected increase in demand.



«Approved master plan will satisfy the demand forecast 74 млн. passengers million 2033 году, который должен будет увеличиться с 38 млн. passengers we handled in 2013 году», She said.

«The plan includes innovative solutions for ground transportation, developed in collaboration with the Government of the State of new South Wales, that will greatly improve the roads around and access to the flow of traffic at the airport. We have also proposed a significant modernization of our public transport, to facilitate access to more public transportation».

Sydney Airport has already started to plan work to improve traffic flow, for example, new road and exit from one of the terminals.

It is expected, that the basic work on the modernization of the means of land transport should be started as soon as possible and will be completed by 2018 year.




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