Famous people of Australia, whose life and working activity was associated with Australia

15 August, 2018


Each country has its own national heroes, that proud of all residents, because it is thanks to these people their State prospers and develops, constantly drawing the attention of the inhabitants of other regions of the world. Australia is no exception, throughout the history of the State lived and worked here a great number of people, whose writings brought the popularity of country in the field of science and education, cinema, literature and sport. Consider briefly the most popular figures in Australia by category.

Australian inventors

Starting a conversation on inventions it is impossible not to mention about Boomerang, the creators of Australian aborigines. Australian David de Mey Warren became famous around the world thanks to the invention of the on-board recorder, and Alfred Tröger rang out throughout the world creating pedal radio for air medical service. And 2006 year the whole world shocked news, Professor Ian Frazer was able to find an effective medication in the fight against cervical cancer. Also to Australian scientific findings carry notepads (1902 год), the drug penicillin (1940 год), disposable syringe (1949 год), drain tank for toilet with 2 buttons (1980 год) contact lenses and long term storage (1999 год).year

Australian actors.



Game Australian actors have long noticed worldwide. Thanks to its stunning work some of them were marked by Oscar. Among these celebrity Nicole Kidman, Geoffrey Rush, Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett. Naturally, This is an incomplete list of "oskaronosnyh" of Australians, into their much more. Having a conversation about the involvement of Australians in world cinema, it is impossible not to mention the names of such prominent figures in cinema, like Naomi Watts, Rachel Griffin, Hugh Jackman, Guy Pearce and Heath Ledger.

Figures in the music industry.

The most famous representatives of Australia in world music feel the inimitable Kylie Minogue and China Urbanta. But don't forget the prominent opera singers Joan Sutherland and Nellie Melbu. Special mention deserves the fabled Peter Allen, whose name will forever be remembered by lovers of musical comedy.

Famous literary figures.

Australian writers left a significant trace in the history of world literature. Not to mention the most buyable writer novels Bryce Courtney. International Awards marked Australians Thomas Keneally, Patrick White, Pierre De Bi Si and Peter Kelly. Special mention deserve the popular contemporary writers Geraldine Brooks, Helen Garner, Christopher Koch and Tim Winton.




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