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19 May, 2014


Monument To Charles La Trobe, Melbourne.

Australia's culture is in itself a certain hybrid of Aboriginal and European culture. In the period before World War I was a cultural crisis, representatives of art not found recognition in his homeland and emigrated to Europe. The reason for this sad fact, limited market, weak State support, contrast with conditions in Europe. At the end of the 19th century. Australia began the rise of culture, which is being actively developed so far. Post-war (After 1945.) the influx of immigrants had a great influence on culture, dilute it and bringing new fresh notes. Many visitors were from Britain (that is not surprising, After all, with 1788 and on the 1901 -Australia was dependent on England). The Mainland has taken in its embrace all, who wanted to escape from war, wanting easy profits during the "gold rush". The multicultural nation lives quietly and steadily on this continent, in the twentieth century, Australian culture has gained new features and become boldly position themselves as something unique and special.

Australia historically experienced a decline and exodus of artists in Europe, which significantly verse only after the first world. This and you can characterize the reflection of national art of Australia in the culture of the 20th century. The Mainland was simply a donor representatives of art to the world.

For example, in France left: portraitists John Peter Russell (1858-1931), John Longstaff (1862— 1941), in 1837 George Washington Lambert (1873— 1930).

Vivid representatives of academism were Max Meldrum (1875— 1955), Hans Gejzen (1877— 1968), Russell Drajsdejl (1912—1981). 1930s year given the chance to show itself realism and formalism (Surrealism) -portraitist William Dobell (1899— 1970), realist Russell Drajsdejl (1912—1981), James Gleason (1915— 2008). After 1945 year artistic styles they peeled-abstract exp— 1981ism, figurative art. The representatives of the – Robert Dickerson (р. 1924), Clifton Pjuh (1924— 1990), Brothers Arthur Boyd (1920-1999) and David Boyd (р. 1924). There are representatres of abstractionism, Impressionism, Post-Impressionism, etc..

The sculpture also varied-academic, realistic. The representatives of the – Bertram Mckee Kennal (1863-1931), Lyndon Dadsujell (1908— 1986).

Aborigines after 1930 also cultural intensified and presented the world of Alberta Namatiru (1902— 1959), Dorina Nakamarru Reed, working with highly detailed, with scenery, harmonious colors.



Fashion Australia is relaxed, playful. Because the climate of the continent warm, and lead an active lifestyle. The first miniskirt was presented to the world in Australia at the races in Melbourne in 1965 Year. Prue-designer local scale at that time established on trial several similar skirts and, about miracle, She led the crusade for a bold fashion trends.

Australian designers-artists don't accept boundaries.

Джозеф Саба (Joseph Saba) decided to shorten the sleeves of shirts and trousers-and this change went "very well". Carla Dzampatti (Carla Zampatti) in 1980om year combined the classic fit of Italy and lightweight fabrics.

Australia have their own laws of fashion, totally unique and original, bold and amazing. A lot of things we have inspired Australian actors.

Tradition, as nature Australia, flora and fauna is extremely varied and plentiful. There are massive and universally recognized, There are also little known. The diversity of the continent gave birth to traditions and the multiplicity of traditions. All traditions are based on voluntary participation.

Exotic traditions, which to this day observed, – This is: Jabun Festival» (Сидней, Новый Южный Уэльс), Фестиваль «Соленая вода, fresh water» (Tari, Новый Южный Уэльс), Фестиваль духов (Adelaide, South Australia), Aboriginal Arts and culture FestiSydneyluNew South Wales Victoria), Festival "Parting sticks" (Сидней, Новый Южный Уэльс), Ord Valley muster (Kununurra, Western Australia) and many other.

Armed forces day ANZAC day 25 April marks the parades and Fireworks. 11 June birthday of Elizabeth II (Queen of Great Britain) -This holiday Holy observed. 11 February-Royal Regatta. 6 November-Melbourne horse racing. 7 may-labour day. New year's Eve, Christmas is also in the list of accepted holidays.

Modern photo art Australia. Author photo: JEM Cresswell from Sydney.




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