The most dangerous jobs in Australia

12 Сентябрь, 2013


Be a soldier is one of the most dangerous jobs in the country.

For most of us, dangerous day at work can be associated with the ability to get burned ferry Office kettle. But for other, the work is a daily, battle filled with dangers, that could cripple or kill you at every step.

Last year,, According to, collected by the State Agency for Safety in Australia (Safe Work Australia) – 212 people died at work. This year so far in the production of   killed 112 man .

Although these statistics refer only to the dangers in industry, the site has compiled a list of the most dangerous jobs in the country, When it comes to life insurance policy payout.

"The cost of the life insurance policy determines your level of risk in your life and one of the major risk factors is your job», spokesman said Michelle Hutchison.

«Those who work full-time spend most of their life at work or on trips and back. Thus, If you have a dangerous job, It's easy to see, as your level of risk of loss of life and your responsibility at insurance company increase dramatically».



Here are some of the types of works, You should think twice, before going on a job interview.

Commercial fishing

Fisher died on the ship "Starcat" in the Northern Territory.

If «deadliest catch» is any indicator, This work, безусловно, One of the most challenging. Workers are many miles from the coast, weeks time, suffer severe physical conditions and rampant weather - storms, hurricanes, etc..

Reports Safety Agency Australian labor in agriculture, fisheries and forestry show, that these industries are highly dangerous – 50 people were killed at work last year and 27 lost their lives this year so far.






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