Vegetable growing and viticulture Australia

14 February, 2010




Vegetable gardening meets the needs of Australian, and in the last decade the area under vegetables increased, a range of crops grown.

Although most of them, intended for fresh consumption, is still grown in small farms intensively cultivated suburban, development of transport contributed to the establishment of vegetable farms in areas with the most suitable soils and low cost of land. Most of the vegetables for canning and freezing is produced in irrigated areas.

Australia satisfied with excess demand for fruit and grapes, but you have to bring nuts and olives. On productivity is predominantly irrigated river valleys Murray and Murrumbidgee, supplying grapes, citrus fruits and a variety of stone fruits, such, as peaches, cherries and apricots.

The main items of export fruit - raisins, oranges, Pears and apples. These tropical fruits, as pineapple, Bananas, papaya, mango, macadam and granadilla, grown in the area between Coffs Harbour (New South Wales) and Кэрнсом (Квинсленд) on the east coast.

The grapes used in wine making and consumption of dried and fresh. In recent years has increased wine production and a significant portion (more 25%) exported. Some wines produced in all states and territories, but about half of the production gives one state - South Australia, where stands out the Barossa Valley.

Specialize in the production of wine as Hunter and Murray Valley in New South Wales, Coonawarra region and southern valleys of South Australia, District Suoni-Vell and-Margaret River v Western Australia.

Australian wine is a great variety. In 1994 operating in the country 780 wineries. However 80% total output accounted for by the four largest wine companies.

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