Fisheries Australia

13 February, 2010



Fishing is confined mainly to southern and eastern parts of the shelf. In the 1990s, it is strongly increased, and a significant portion of the catch was exported - mostly lobster and shrimp in Japan, Сянган (Hong Kong) and Taiwan. The total value of exported seafood in 1995-1996 exceeded 1 billion. AUS. USD.

That same year, all were produced 214 тыс. т. Seafood, of these critical-th tyli bluefin tuna, Australian salmon, mullet and shark, and crustaceans - shrimps and lobsters. Production of shrimp was 27,5 тыс. т, and lobsters - 15,6 тыс. т. Shrimp trawlers is in the Gulf of Carpentaria, and the lobsters are caught in many areas along the southern coast of Australia. Harvesting of oysters and scthousand itfocused mainly on the domestic market.

Since the early 1980s, began to expand aquaculture, which is now one of the fastest growing sectors of fisheries. Currently, the main objects of this industry - oysters, tuncy, salmon, prawns and scallops. The cost of production in 1995-1996 was 338 million. AUS. USD, or twice, than six years ago.

The once prosperous fishing for pearls now almost ceased, however, breeding farms cultured pearls were formed in several (at least ten) areas of the northern coast and provide considerable income. Rivers and streams in the mountains of eastern Australia provide opportunities for trout fishing.



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