The most dangerous profession

12 Сентябрь, 2013



George Clift in the fifth generation farmer.

Life on Earth may sound idyllic, but any farmer will tell you, that is a tough and dangerous job. In accordance with the data of the Agency for the safety of Australia farmer is among the three most dangerous occupations in the world.


Defence force

New recruits sworn in police.

Police and soldiers face daily risk of death, violence, injury or abuse. Each year,, approximately one Australian policeman dies on duty. Also 40 military had died in Afghanistan 2002 year.



A firefighter taking part in extinguishing the fire

Firefighters are often risky situation, when combating forest fires, which erupt every year. The leading cause of death among firefighters often choking and burns (20%), collision of vehicles (20-25%), injury (27%) and heart attacks (44%).





John Travolta as a pilot looks happy.

Regardless of the experience, Pilots are still faced with the risk of death, when something goes wrong in the air. Bureau of Transportation Aviation Safety Report, which was 130 accidents, 121 serious incident and 6823 minor incidents 2011 year on aircraft, that ranged in severity from falling portable stairs to the tragic death of a helicopter over Lake Eyre.


Clean sweep device

Garbage collectors are at high traffic and the impact of special equipment.

You see them once a week in front of your house, but the garbage trucks do the hard work, helped by working with heavy machinery, aggressive chemicals and high risk of accidents.







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