Iron ore and bauxite Australia

14 Февраль, 2010




In the 1960s, important discoveries were made, especially in the Precambrian Shield Western Australia in sedimentary basins. As a result, the first time since the gold rush of the 1850s there was a huge boom in the mining industry.

Funding for this campaign was carried out by Japan's capital, U.S. and UK, as well as Australia. The most active work was developed in Western Australia, especially on iron ore.

At one time, the export of iron ore has been banned, because it was thought, that its limited resources in the country. This policy has been radically changed after, As in 1964 were discovered huge deposits of this ore in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. In 1995-1996 was produced in Australia 137,3 Million. tons of iron ore, of them 92% - For export. The main deposits are in Western Australia - Mount Hamersley, Newman and Goldsuerti. Other fields - peak Tallering, Kulanuka and Kulyanobbing.

And in Australia there are vast reserves of bauxite - the main raw material for aluminum production,с 1985 this country has produced no less than 40% World production of bauxite. First bauxite have been discovered in 1952 Gove Peninsula (N.T.), and in 1955 in Ueypa (Квинсленд). There are also deposits in Western Australia - in the Darling Range to the south-east of Perth and Mitchell Plateau in the Kimberley region; all, but the last, started to develop.

In 1995-1996 were extracted 50,7 Million. t. Bauxite. Part of the bauxite is used to produce alumina, and the other part is processed into aluminum. Bauxite deposits of Veypa sent to Gladstone, which produces alumina.

The same enrichment plants are in Gouveia (N.T.); Kuinane and Pindzharre (Western Australia) and Bell Bay (Tasmania). In 1995-1996 Australia's alumina production amounted to 13,3 млн. t, blshaya part of it is exported. At the same time, companies of Australia was produced by electrolysis 1,3 млн. tons of aluminum. Million

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