10 worst tourist attractions in Europe

24 Сентябрь, 2013


Many of the DOST- of sights associated with large crowds of tourists, extortionate costs, boredom, anger and irritation incredible, When you understand, you do not pay for, we expected to see, and now you are desperate, on, they saw, Since this is the, that turned out to be the most common thing to do.
On the other hand, There are positive points in all this – watching the faces of tourists, seeking to see the raskruchennuju, the famous landmark, and as they stand there then in disarray, looking and understanding, what they see is actually one of the worst in the world of travel myths.
It's pretty fun, because you were in the same position for a moment before I saw…
Here are the top 10 decent places in Europe:

1. Astronomical clock, in Prague (pictured above)

This fun: watches themselves are beautiful and worth a look, on the, that attracts huge crowds of tourists every hour for the world-famous «Views». Tourists gather, with bated breath, camera ready (karmannikam has a huge field of action for dealing with these tourists), and when they so eagerly awaiting the moment, actually happens equally exciting action, as the parish tax accountant.
A few tiny men made of metal tossing her head from side to side, some revolving doors are opened and closed, there are a few wobbly and falling characters … in fact this all quite a few years.
But here's the good part of the show: look at the faces of the people, when the show ended. During that do not mind paying any money … Anger, laughter and grunts, irritation, all in complete bewilderment. I actually saw a guy, who was so angry, he shook his fist at the clock! How much rage you must have, to squeeze your fist at something, especially on such an inanimate object, like clockwork? Anyway, this ride is terrible, but the reaction of people is worth it, to look at it.




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