Бальнеологический курорт Хмельник, Ukraine

6 Декабрь, 2013


Бальнеологический курорт Хмельник.

Khmilnyk is another resort in Western Ukraine. The resort is located in 70 km from the district center of Vinnitsa on the banks of the River Southern bug.


Actually is quite ancient Khmelnik medieval town, known since the mid 14 Century, as there is an entry in the annals of his time.

However, balneological resort city has become relatively recently – in the mid-thirties of the last century have been found unique radon mineral sources, hydrocarbonate-chloride-sodium waters with high content of manganese. To date such a composition of mineral water has no similar resorts in the world.

Thanks to such composition is currently using water resort in eight spas Khmilnyk, construction started in 1950-60-ies, very effectively treated many chronic diseases, such for example, how: diseases of the nervous (including various neuroses and neurozo-like condition), cardio vascular, respiratory and endocrine systems, Musculoskeletal System, gynecological diseases, as well as the diabetes of the first and second stages. Besides, baths with mineral radon water normalises blood composition, lower glucose in it, improve metabolism and help to eliminate harmful substances from the body, and increase the body's defenses.

The easiest way to go in Khmilnyk, ordering pre accommodation at one of the resorts resort on site travel agency "Aqua tour»: .

Also near the Khmelnik in place Viytivetsk found rich deposits of therapeutic peat mud.



In conjunction with the treatment provides an opportunity to get acquainted with Khmilnyk picturesque hilly nature of this area and interesting display- primechatelnostjami, that characterize the turbulent history of the city:

• Khmelnitsky Castle-medieval defensive fortress, built during the times of the Polish-Lithuanian rule in the beginning 16 Century, from it there was only defensive Tower and elements of fortifications from the river, and the shattered ruins of the castle in 1913-1915 gg. was built the Palace of count ksido (Adjutant General Stessel);

• The Church Of John The Baptist (built in the beginning of 17 Century);

• Four Orthodox Church, built at the beginning of 19 and 20 centuries;

• Turkish mosque.

What else is important, for visiting these places tourists, weather in this part of Ukraine has a mild climate, without sharp fluctuations of temperature and humidity and most importantly, with a lot of sunny days in a year.

From Khmelnyk and can arrange guided tours to the castle of Xvi, in Pochayiv Lavra, Kamenets-Podolsk and Hotynskuju fortress and much else where, In general, come, won't regret it!

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