The Palace Ensemble Tsarskoe Selo

28 April, 2016


Царское Село

St. Petersburg has always been famous for its magnificence, palaces and refinement. But the suburb celebrated city no worse. In Tsarskoye Selo is not so many attractions. But those, that has repeatedly faced, so to come here again and again. The main attraction – it, certainly, Catherine Palace with adjoining the magnificent park.


Catherine Palace was built as a relatively small residence of Catherine the first in 1717 year. During the reign of her daughter Elizaveta Petrovna in 1740-ies Palace complemented and expanded. It was a favorite residence of Elizabeth. But the final and familiar kind of already acquired the Palace during the reign of Catherine the great.


Of course, as a royal residence, the Palace amazes with its luxury and splendor. But no less magnificent addition and decoration of the Palace is the Catherine Park. To create it were caused by recognized masters of landscape architecture. And the Park was conceived as a natural continuation of the nature, make it look as natural as possible. Channels are created in the form of rivers. And on the island in the middle of the Lake were made grottoes, which are also exquisitely decorated. Catherine Park as well as the Palace is well worth a look.




Not far from the Catherine Palace is the Alexander Palace. It was supposed to be the heir of Alexander Pavlovich. Later it was the residence of all subsequent rulers prior to Nicholas II, inclusive. If in the Catherine Palace was written history of Russia 18 century, here already 19 and start 20 Ages. It is here that the last 12 years rules of Tsar Nicholas the second. From here he moved with his family into exile in Tobolsk in August 1917 g. At the beginning of his reign, the Palace was complemented and expanded at the expense of the new constructed buildings.


Adjacent to the Palace a huge aleksandrovsky Park. Here, too, have that view of the attractions, for example, Chinese village, built in 19 century. It is now fully restored. The Park is decorated with gorgeous gardens. Very fascinating constructions, such as the White Tower (Place, where trained carevichi), destroyed during the war, but only recently restored, Cross bridge, Grand caprice (Mound in the form of small hills with arches) and many other.


The Palace Ensemble Tsarskoe Selo – interesting place, that is a must see.





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