Chernivtsi – pearl of Ukraine!

21 Сентябрь, 2013


In the western part of Ukraine, Not far enabled Rocks, guardian, a Pearl of Ukraine – Chernivtsi. Its location is still noteworthy topics, that Chernivtsi directly bordering Romania and Moldova, well, not so far from the border with Poland and Hungary.
Divides this city on 2 part of the mountain fast River Prut. The historical part of the city, has remained untouched since 19 century and the only work that is conducted, aimed at the reconstruction and conservation of the cultural heritage.
Based on the data of archaeologists, the town itself appeared in the 12 century and originally was ruled by Moldavia. With the capture of this city of the Austrian Empire and began forming his major buildings and structures. Apparently this is what caused his similarities with Vienna.



This town will delight the tourists remained since architectural monuments: Town Hall, mails, Cathedral of the Holy Spirit, Armenian Church, theater, Palace of Justice, and other.
Many are associated with the University of Chernivtsi Yuri Fedkovych, Although it is not the only University. With 2011 He added to the list of UNESCO world cultural heritage. It was built with the assistance of Bishop Gakmana, the work was carried out almost 18 Years, and on a grand scale. An architectural masterpiece on that employed many of the great masters of the time from around the world.
The University consists of 3 chassis: main, Theological Seminary together with the Church of the three hierarchs and presbytery.
Stunning combination of the Byzantine style with a pure flavor Bukovynian, can not leave anyone indifferent. The grounds of the University of very large, It is ideally located on a beautiful green square.
In addition to sessions often take place on its territory, or even wedding photo shoot ceremony.

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