Nine of the most unusual sights in Europe, Part 3

20 December, 2013


Christiania, Denmark. Photo By Kieran Linam

This is a continuation of an article about the most obscure, secret and sometimes quite bizarre and unusual wonders- primechatelnostjah in Europe. If you are bored with traditional, You can try to travel on this list. Start Here.

6. Alcatraz, Italy

A closer look at the map Italy, and this region finds itself as the real free territory. Alcatraz in Umbria is a Jekoderevnej, which proclaimed himself first Republic, and then an independent State. Positioning itself as "utopia in progress", the philosophy of Alcatraz is based on honesty, integrity and mutual respect». Inhabited by a small community environmental visionaries, It has its own currency, issue passports and stamps.




7. Christiania, Denmark (pictured above)

Perhaps, the most famous self-proclaimed independent community in the world, Christiania is a "free city" under the Copenhagen. In 1971 year here was settled by a group of hippies and artists, who rejected State control, and created a private city existing in itself. "Free from the laws of" Christiania is officially recognized by the Danish State and ironically became one of the main tourist attractions of the city.


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