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28 May, 2014


Ancient monasteries at Meteora, Greece.

Mysterious city, located in Greece «between heaven and Earth ", absolutely, worth it, to here necessarily to arrive. Take a look at these impressive photos of ancient rocks, on which rise the Meteora.

The amazing Meteora are just a few hours drive by car from Athens the capital of Greece.

The word "meteors" means "floating in the air», or «in heaven», and people, who live here, Of course, have in mind exactly that!

The city is indeed an important spiritual center of orthodoxy and a place of pilgrimage, but it also attracts lots of ordinary tourists, non-adherents of any religious faith. Monks first settled in the 10th century Few BC and since then live here permanently. At the end of the last century Meteors entered the World Heritage list. Rocks, where are the six active monasteries Jelladskoj Orthodox Church, constitute a separately-standing stone pillars, reaching a height of 600 Metres away.

In its heyday in the 16th century there were Occasional 24 Orthodox monastery. But today there are only six-four male and two female.



The meteors are in northern Greece near the town of Kalambaka, previously called Eginio.

Метеоры: Свято-Троицкий монастырь.

Holy Trinity monastery.

You can climb to the monasteries from the bottom steps, and as soon as you will find yourself at the top, You can navigate between the monasteries, on the merits, using a rope for cableway.

The cableway between monasteries at Meteora.

Any way, the rise in the cell with the help of ropes ropes – It is not for the faint of heart.

But it is really very beautiful and unusual place, and if you find yourself in Greece, not far from this area, You should definitely visit it.

Be sure to see you later, Meteors!

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