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19 Август, 2013




Arriving in Odessa, best to start exploring the city with Odessa Opera and Ballet Theatre. He's so handsome., that can argue on beauty even with many theaters around the world. The theatre has Italian facades, entrance and stone figures made in Renaissance style, depict scenes from Aristophanes and Euripides. Allegorical stone sculptures of the goddess of tragedy are flaunted on the portal of the theatre, In the chariot, drawn by the Four Panthers, as well as a sculpture of music playing Orpheus, there are busts of famous writers, poets and composers, representatives of four arts - comedy, Poetry, drama and music.
At the Opera House, don't forget to approach the monument of Duke Richelieu, the first governor and father of the founder of Odessa.
Taking a picture with Duke, descend from the legendary Potemkin Staircase, which has witnessed a one thousand nine hundred and five year battle between sailors and forces, faithful to the king. This historical event was later reflected by Sergei Eisenstein in the film "The Battleship Potemkin" The uniqueness of the staircase design in that, that you don't see the steps, When you stand on top, But only overflights, and from below you can only see the spans, but you won't see the steps. Potemkin Staircase was built for four years.
Descending the Potemkin Stairs, you can walk slowly along the famous Seaside Boulevard, which during soviet times was often used as a setting for many films.
Fans of ancients can be encouraged to visit the Archaeological Museum with its 160 Thd. Exhibits, among them are unique antique household items of ancient Greece and even Egypt.
Having studied one hundred and sixty thousand exhibits of the Archaeological Museum, we go to the famous street Deribasovskaya. This street is sung in a thousand songs and films of Soviet times. There are a lot of cozy cafes, where you can relax and relax after seeing the above sights of Odessa. And then you can continue the tour of Odessa, because there are still a lot of places worthy to visit in the city: Transfiguration Cathedral, Arcadia, Bringing, Shevchenko park and many historical monuments and sculptures.

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