Kinský Palace

23 Февраль, 2014


Old town square. Kinský Palace (on the left) and the Church of our Lady before tyn (two towers to the right). Prague, Czech.

In the heart of Prague-old town square, stands a handsome Palace, a brilliant representative of the Rococo style. Kinský Palace. It performs the function of the main entrance to the National Gallery. The Gallery hosts exhibitions of paintings and graphics. It is also an information centre.

The palace was built throughout the 1755-1765 years. Considered, that was designed by architect Anselmo Lugaro. However, its authorship many question. The facade is made in the Rococo style, but the structure itself as a whole is certainly endowed with the features of the late Baroque. Figures of ancient deities rise as decorations on the gable, as well as the allegorical sculptures of the main elements of the.



World War II caused irreparable damage to the original decorations, as a result, the present ornament of buildings are replicas. The building of the Palace, its façade considerably stands relative to other buildings of the old town square, being as if her rearguard.

Even greater grandeur and solemnity acquired the palace interior as a result of significant changes in the early 19th century. In this Palace was born Bertha Suttnerova-Kinska-the first Nobel Prize laureate. The track here at the end of the 19th century the German grammar school mastered knowledge Kafka.

Caught in the 1949 the National Gallery, the structure has undergone restoration, and then it became a venue for exhibitions. Information on how to, What exhibitions will be held at the Palais Kinsky for quick time, constantly resides in the lobby.

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