Where and how to relax in Sochi

10 February, 2020


Holidays outside our homeland are popular, but no fewer people come to Sochi. Why do our compatriots love so much ? By the way, Click here for the following link., containing perhaps the most complete selection of hotels on the most popular criteria.

This city has everything to do with, so that even a spoiled tourist found something to his liking. You can lie on the beach, Through 40 minutes to find yourself on a ski slope and ski, you can climb the mountains and look down on the tourist paradise.

The main attractions of Sochi


In the city by the sea is the famous arboretum. This park was built in the 19th century. N. Khudekov for his much-loved wife - Hope. On the territory in 50 ha is growing more 1500 plant species, collected from all over the world. In the aquarium, located at the bottom of the park, Red Sea. A cable car leads to the upper park.

Tea plantations

You can look at the tea bushes, Visiting tea plantations, surrounding the city. Treatment with fresh mountain air, beautiful scenery, new impressions of what you've seen: Growing, Collection, processing tea leaves, tasting the best teas and the opportunity to buy tea bags for home gatherings - all this will make excursions to the factory "Macesta tea", "Solohaul tea" or plantations in Dagomys unique and memorable.

Olympic Park



Exercise, ride bikes and electric scooters, You can take a walk, Visiting the Olympic Park. Here in 2014 Mr.. was the Olympics, and now it's a place to relax with lots of stadiums and waterfront. In the evenings you can admire the singing multicolored fountains.


The unique beauty of the water element tourists observe when visiting waterfalls, Lazarev sky. This is where 33 Waterfall. Tourists visit Agur waterfalls in the Host area. Here you can take a dip in the purest, but cold spring water and heal, According to legends, all diseases. On the way to the waterfalls locals offer to catch trout, which will be cooked like this., that fingers lick.


There are cultural centers in the city, such as the Art Museum. The museum's collection is represented by Russian art, 19th and '21st centuries., collection of cold weapons and antique silver, painting of the 20th century.


In Sochi there is a great circus for those, who likes to be surprised, laugh and admire. The Museum of History is based in 1920 is the oldest cultural institution. The exhibition reflects the history and life of peoples, inhabiting the Caucasian Black Sea coast.

There's a place to relax in the city, what to see, and every tourist finds interesting and chooses a vacation to his liking!




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