Ski resort of Soelden

28 August, 2013




Ski resort Sölden recently became one of the most popular resorts in Austria among Russians.
To Sölden is easily reached from the airport of Munich is only about 200 km, and from Innsbruck, less 100 km before the start of the Ötztal Valley in Tyrol and further 40 minutes up the Valley by car to destination. Along the way, you will be enchanted by the people around you the mountains height 3000 м, more of them here 90, and the height of the highest mountain in Tyrol Wildspitz is equal to 3776 м.m
Sölden has gained high popularity primarily because, that here is guaranteed natural snow cover, starting almost from October to May, the two glaciers Rettenbahu and Tifenbahu. With glaciers on the queue are open during even years, When the train many national teams on the mountain skiing and snowboarding.
Winter in Sölden 150 km slopes, located at altitudes from 1350 before 3350. Thus the altitude difference is 2000 m. The resort features modern lifts, which here 38 and of which 20 Quick kreselok, some of them heated and protivovetrovymi caps.
Very popular and every highway out of the region with fans of freeride.
Novice skiers will also remain satisfied with resort, Indeed, more than a third of its slopes blue, suitable for entry level katalshhikov, and three ski schools with more than 300 instructors can put on any ski or snowboard, even the most seemingly hopeless human sports plan.
Freestyle lovers will also get great pleasure in Sölden from two snow parks with hafpajpami, lots of jumps and other elements.
But perhaps one of the most popular resort properties, If not the most important for many, are great après-ski, Ie. places where you can have fun after skating. Many restaurants, bars, Cafe in the mountains, and always in the village for tourists. And still very popular famous Aqua House where there are swimming pools, saunas and water attractions.

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