How to get a visa to Italy (Italian Schengen)

24 May, 2019


This method of obtaining visa in Italy (Italian Schengen) is the cheapest of all, because it contains the minimum number of requisitions, only one collection, without which you cannot do – visa fee.

On the Internet, When searching by phrase»How to get a visa to Italy», Usually, or service is offered to travel agents, who sold you this service with the purchase of the tour (sometimes without him, but for extra cash), or to use the services of the Italy visa application centre. All such proposals include, in addition to the mandatory payment – visa fees and even fees visa application centre, or travel agency services. This is a convenient way to, But if you don't need the extra service, There is no extra money, and the time is, You can get Italian visa»directly»- Italian Consulate. So, in particular, you can get it in St. Petersburg. Consulate of Italy in St. Petersburg serves, except Peter and Len. field, more Murmansk and and its region, Karelia, Pskov and region, Arhangels'k and region.

For the residents of St. Petersburg, which obtain Schengen visas simplified loyalty to him by the authorities of Finland, in terms of volume, that they do not require any evidence of their future travel, obtaining Italian visas (regardless of the place of receipt) unpleasant surprise need to confirm first voyage: need to confirm your financial possibilities, reservation of hotels (that is not difficult) and show tickets (Avia, railway,, bus).


A list of all documents required for an Italian visa (Italian Schengen):

  1. Application form for visa
  2. Picture
  3. Passport, valid for at least three months after visa expiry
  4. Avia- or train tickets back and forth (or reservation), either, If you are going to ride on car, the law, SPC cars, and evrostrahovku to the machine (the so-called green card)
  5. Proof of funds for the duration of the trip
  6. Help with work indicating salary or on form 2-NDFL for PIs
  7. Medical insurance with coverage from 30 Thd. Euro
  8. Armor hotel accommodation from printing or host statement about hospitality
  9. Camping is also compulsory travel itinerary with your application armor hotels along the way (This item is not required for traveling by plane or train, But if you prefer, you can compose and send)




You can confirm financial viability, making a scan of his bank card (and you can show not only accounts receivable, but credit card), to skanu must make statement of an account State. It is enough to print this cheque at a bank machine.

If the money in the account does not exist or is not enough, You can take someone from relatives or friends, put on by, print out a check and immediately remove and return the money. If you do not want to borrow money, the another way. He, Really, not free, but quick: Contact any company, applying for a visa and order a certificate for a visa from the bank. It is also possible to order and help 2-NDFL, you will make during the day.

You can also use the online recording system, link to which can be found on the Consulate's website. This service is less convenient, because the need to register, and, not very clear, How to enroll in the case, When do I need to submit multiple applications? In general, on the phone, everything is much simpler.

On the appointed day and time come to the Consulate, pay (directly at the Consulate) visa fees. You assign, on which day will be ready to answer. After which your visa is ready, You can come and pick up!


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