Курорты Испании: где отдохнуть

18 Апрель, 2015


Malaga. Photo: Rob Dunlop.

Курорты Испании поражают своим разнообразием. Holiday in the country is available all year round-from skiing in the resort Bakejr, to paradise relaxation in Maldives. For lovers of noisy parties, the island of Ibiza and Mallorca is always in trend..

Among the resorts on the coast are of particular importance the white sandy beaches of the Costa del Sol, that lasted for more than 300 Kilometers. This city of Middle-Earth located in the extreme south of Spain, his second name is Shore Sun.

Another attraction of this coast is the city of Malaga. On how luxurious you want and the most important city second only to Barcelona. It is the Centre of various elite entertainment-from scuba diving and yachting to corrida, Flamenco Festival and Fireworks launch. In Malaga to be a unique Museum, where the collected works by Picasso.

For those, who to rest most reveres comfort perfect will resort in the province of Grenada-Costa Tropical. There is a subtropical climatic zone. Thus, most of the year, sunny weather here. From cold winds resort is protected by the Sierra Nevada. During your stay on the Costa Tropical, it is worth noting the attention of local attractions. One of these is the Palace of Algamra.

An interesting city on this coast is Almuñécar. Tourists can visit the Moorish castle here, Pena Escrita Nature Reserve, Palm Park.



Gold Coast. So in Spain called resort Costa Dorada, located in Catalonia. He beckons from June to September all comers. The temperature here pleases lack the sultry heat, but the water is pleasantly refreshing. Costa Dorada the best family resort in Spain.

Ski resort Baqueira-Beret Valley is located in the extreme south of the Pyrenees. The stability of the snow cover is guaranteed by the close location to the Atlantic. The first resort in the select list of newcomers in alpine skiing. Even lovers of night skiing here enjoy-there are special illuminated tracks.

No less interesting, you can mark the ski resort in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The main advantage of this place is the dry snow. The resort centre is the town of Pradollano. There are modern malls and hotels.

In Spain there are alpine ski resort-Curler. Here tourists will occur as the highest point of the Pyrenees and most beautiful landscapes. This resort is designed for leisure skiers possessing average skill level.

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