Мадрид переживает туристический спад, Part 2

11 Февраль, 2014


Noisy nightlife in Madrid.

Barcelona occupies 10th place among the most popular sites in terms of traffic in the world 2013 Year. List of cities with the expected arrival of foreigners, According to the version of the global payment systems master card / MasterCard, includes 132 cities of the world. Madrid languishes in the list on the 23-th place, behind the Riyadh, Taipei and Vienna.

Hotels in the city are acutely experiencing a clear shortage of tourists. The occupancy of hotels in the city in August was only at the level of 47,5 Percent, and in June, the four-star hotel chain Foxa, which had seven hotels in and around Madrid, Went bankrupt.

Madrid Mayor Ana Botella presented «shock plan» last month, to reverse the drop in visitor numbers, which includes expenses of €three million over the next three months, to promote the development of the city's brand abroad in key markets, such as the UK and the US, as well as in new markets like Russia and China.
The city is also working on the, to interest low-cost airlines, which will be based at Madrid Airport.

«This is fundamental in the world of tourism.. We can promote our brand well, but if there are no funds, there's nothing we can do», Said Botella.



To improve your image, The Madrid City Council last week unveiled a draft plan to eradicate antisocial behaviour, for which fines are imposed for garbage, aggressive begging and extortion of prostitutes.

To attract more foreign visitors to Madrid, it is also necessary to improve air traffic, and in order to enter new markets, it is necessary to emphasize its unique characteristics., said Yuva Hedrick-Wong, Canadian economist, which is the index MasterCard.

«The danger is, so as not to repeat that, what other cities have done, the challenge is, to create something, what is genuine, historical and unique», сказал он.

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