Moscow – an ancient city with a rich history

24 April, 2014


Moscow – an ancient city with a rich and complicated history, capital of Russia. Here you can see nearby buildings, which several centuries, and modern business centers of glass and concrete.

A large number of Russian and foreign tourists traditionally seek to visit red square and the Kremlin. Once upon a time the Kremlin was surrounded by a large rampart with a fortification wall and a deep ditch with water, designed to protect residents from attacking the fortress. Now the moat has long been drained and filled with, but you can look for traces of the moat, and, It's possible, You will be able to discover them. On red square, St .Basil's Cathedral is also – trim and color, He decorates her with his presence.

Take a stroll on the square of the all-Russian Exhibition Centre with gilded fountains. From the old names of the square (VDNKH) only the name of the Metro station. Here you can make colorful pictures on memory.



If time permits, be sure to climb the Poklonnaya Hill, Once upon a time was far outside the city, Here Napoleon waited «keys» from Moscow. With the mountains offer stunning views of the surrounding area. And if the time comes to dinner and you're hungry, Here you can grab a snack in cafes, located near the victory Park. Here you can come with the whole family: work rides, There are swing.

While visiting Moscow you can plan routes walks alone. Then you will have plenty of free moving schedule, which would withdraw. Or you can ask at the tour desk and book your choice of sightseeing or any other . In the latter case, you, no doubt, Learn more about Moscow, its history and memorial sites.

Which option to choose – It's up to you to decide. In any case, there are many places to see in Moscow, and you will be satisfied with!

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