Отдых в Париже

21 Сентябрь, 2015




В мире не существует ни одного человека, who does not know about the existence of a beautiful city called Paris. This city can be called a magnet for tourists. His story, culture, Customs attract and excite the imagination. This city will win the heart of any tourist, After all, it has all the, what you need for any kind of rest.

You won't get bored in Paris, because the number of architectural memorabilia and cultural resting places will exceed all your expectations. There is an opinion, that visits to important places should start with the Champs-Elysees. Another of the symbols of Paris consider the Eiffel Tower. This modern wonder of the world was built in 1889 G., projected by Eiffel, and has been very popular since then. Visiting this attraction will win your heart, and will make you love Paris with all your heart. Special art lovers will be impressed by the Louvre Museum. It is in this museum is concentrated a huge number of masterpieces of art of legendary artists and sculptors.
It is possible to endlessly list cultural memos on a global scale, who are in Paris. These include: Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame Cathedral, Orse Museum, Luxembourg Garden, Holy Chapel, Notre Dame, bridges and palaces. That's just a small part of what you see in Paris..
Fashion lovers will be pleased with the exclusive boutiques of the world couturiers. It is in Paris that the biggest fashion shows are held, on which the leading models show the new seasons. At this time in Paris come actors, Policy, Artists, So don't be surprised, if you meet a world-class star on the streets of Paris.
And how deliciously fed in Paris! Paris is the cradle of French cooking! Tender pastries, fragrant wines and coffee, delicious dishes of national cuisine will satisfy the needs of the most capricious gourmet.
All these virtues can be assessed, rested in Paris! Today, there are many tour operators, to help organize a tour to Paris. An alternative to this method can be an independent trip. Plane tickets should be bought both ways. The price of a one-way ticket can go up to 80% from the price of a round-trip ticket., you should pay attention to flights with transfers. It's going to take longer., But it will save money., to realize a dream and visit the most romantic and beautiful place is simple enough!

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