Celebrate Easter in Bulgaria

18 March, 2015


Велик Ден Весел.
Bulgarians celebrate Velikden, which translates from Bulgarian as "Easter". It's just as important a holiday in this country, as in Russia, and one of the main Orthodox celebrations of Bulgarians.

In addition to that,, that Easter – day, when Jesus rose from the dead, it's also a day of transition from spring to summer, the ultimate awakening of nature.

In Bulgaria on Monday before Easter villagers whitewash houses, Carpet cleaning, burn garbage, because no housework can be done on Wednesday and Thursday. On Thursdays, people are painting eggs for the holiday. The advantage is given to red and mottled colors. Red eggs are the first to be painted, because this color means nature and spring, her coming to earth. Bulgarians Are Doing This with their Whole Family, even acquaintances are involved. Painted eggs must be put next to icons.



You can't work on Easter Friday, and you need to bake buns and cakes (in Bulgaria they are called goats). Also an integral part of the holiday are braids (Weaving). On this day, many residents paint eggs.

From Friday until Saturday lunch it is necessary to fast, You can't eat.

On Saturday at midnight all people congratulate each other with traditional words: "Christ Is Resurrected!and respond, "Truly Resurrection!».

In addition to eggs and cakes in Bulgaria prepare for Easter salad (Greatdenska salad), Burdened by the sly (ritual bread), cat with onions (chicken with onions), cat sus green onion and orize (Same, but also with rice), salad with a very young (with cold lamb) and agneno agniestus butche (stuffed lamb leg).

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