Health spas and thermal baths in Hungary

25 November, 2013


Lake Hévíz, Hungary.

Hungary has a rich abundance of thermal springs and mineral waters, that makes it very attractive for tourists. The high quality of medical services, combined with reasonable prices may not remain without attention visitors.

The largest is Budapest thermal baths Centre. It is the largest thermal baths. Among them are the baths, located at the foot of the Gellért Hill. Gellert resort itself includes two swimming pools – first with normal water and created artificial waves, and the second with thermal water.

A regular bath with sauna and swimming pools represent the Szechenyi baths. Water temperature is so high, the resort opened to the public even in the cold winter months.



In 202 km from Budapest resort Hajdúszoboszló. Its waters are rich in iron, iodine, fluorine, bromine, magnesium, that makes the resort an excellent treatment for rheumatic diseases. Wonderful therapeutic microclimate and air saturation salt content combined with warm days creates excellent conditions for treatment and relaxation.

Lake Hévíz, Resorts, known as the most healing of all resorts in Europe. The lake itself is a thermal reservoir with temperatures around 32 OS. The bottom of the Lake is covered with mud, contain biogenic stimulators, trace elements and garmono-like substance, that makes the resort a favorable treatment for stomach, skin diseases, spine, obesity and other. On the shore of the Lake is a major spa resort, includes a large recreation complex, offering massage, therapeutic physical culture, different inhalation.

The largest Hungarian Debrecen is a therapeutic Center, located in a large forest park. The resort consists of swimming pools with thermal water and steam. Mineral water rich in magnesium content, calcium and boric acid. From all parts of the world come here for treatment of joints, spine, respiratory organs, rheumatism, infertility and other diseases.

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