Озеро Нойзидлерзее

17 May, 2014


Озеро Нойзидлерзее, Austria - Hungary.

Озеро Нойзидлерзее (Neusiedler See) located in Central Europe. As for its size, it ranks fourth after Bedenskogo Lake, Lake Balaton and the Geneva. Ravninnoe Lake Neusiedl – most Western Salt Lake in Europe. The Lake is popular with tourists because of the, that is a unique biosphere reserve.

Cannot be left unnoticed and the fact, that the Lake Neusiedl and the surrounding area are on the list of UNESCO world cultural heritage. The Lake is located on the land of Burgenland – This is one of the Federal States in Austria. Near the Lake there are several parks with magnificent nature.

Along the Lake laid magnificent bike paths, You can take the large rental. And you can rent a small boat or Yacht boat. Beginners may even try to learn the basics of windsurfing on Lake.

The Lake occupies a considerable area – 315 square kilometers and has an unusual shape. Originality of the forms that, that it stretches from North to South. The shoreline of the Lake is not straight, There are several bays, many islets, small shoals. Also located on the Lake and a couple of fairly large islets.



Long Lake is bottled at 36 километров, ширина же составляет от 6 before 12 километров. History of the Lake very long. It emerged at the end of the ice age due to fluctuations in the Earth's crust. It was about 20 thousands of years ago.

Small streams flow into the Lake Neusiedl. The largest of them – Volcano. During its existence the lake dried out times. The water in the Lake is a little salty.

The top layer of water in the Lake Neusiedler See heavily overgrown with reeds. To, so the boat could float on the Lake, among the cattails have made special passages. The Lake is rich inhabitants. A large number of different species of fish live in Lake Neusiedl. Most sazanov, Pikes, sudakov, fish. Also in the Lake are inhabited and unusual kinds of insects and about three hundred species of birds build their nests. Herons, wild geese, Sedge, spoonbill and many other birds nest on Lake Neusiedl.

The Lake attracts large number of lovers of natural beauty. For tourists there are all conditions for recreation. Here you can either loll on the beach, and enjoy solitude while fishing.




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