A trip to Krasnodar from Luhansk

5 March, 2020


Mild climate, proximity of the sea spaces, friendly people and good service - all this is in Krasnodar! Having been here once, want to go back to this warm land, filled with sunshine and positivity.

Someone here lives family and friends, someone wants to settle here, make money or get better. The relative proximity of the sea contributes to the influx of holidaymakers, and from the city itself to the sea to go about 1-1,5 hours by car or bus.

The resorts of this center of the Cuban region are perfect for those, who has health problems. All of them are well-equipped, everyone has a program to treat a whole range of diseases. Traditional and traditional medicine methods are practiced here, there's a military hospital, where they help combatants. Treatment of gastrointestinal and musculoskeletal diseases, respiratory and nervous system - all of this is possible for local doctors. The balneological hospital with healing thermal springs has become very popular.

Krasnodar attracts those, who likes the noise of the sea, tenderness of the sun, and, Of course, local attractions, And there's a lot of them.. It will be nice to walk along the central street with the talking name Red, visit Safari Park and Amusement Park, City garden with green alleys and fountains and unique Chistyakov Grove, as well as the Botanic Gardens. It is interesting to see the monument to Shurik and Ludka - the heroes of the legendary film «Operation «The» and a monument to a couple of love dogs. The doors of Catherine and Alexandro-Nevsky Cathedral are always open to admirers of the Orthodox faith. The theatre square in the center of the city will be hit with its grandeur and beauty by the stunning fountain complex. Theatregoers can visit musical or drama theatre performances, and with the kids to go to the zoo or aquarium. And these are not all the sights of Krasnodar!



To fully enjoy the beauty of this city, you just have to come here.. "Joyfultravel" provides professional passenger services on comfortable buses for residents of Luhansk and the region. The shipment is carried out daily from the 3rd platform of the Luhansk bus station in 7.30 Morning. Travel time is 11-12 Hours, here are the stops for rest, snacks and on-demand. Ticket price for an adult 1300 рублей, For children with 3 before 11 Years 1100 рублей.

follows the route of Luhansk-Young Guards-Krasnodon-Sverdlovs-Krasnodar. Tickets to intermediate points can be found at the dispatcher. You can order tickets and get more information by phone by numbers: +38 095 007 67 65, +38 050 621 36 95 (Mts), Operator's number «Lugakom» +38 072 189 33 67, as well as the number +7 978 816 10 55. This service is also available online.

It's important to know, that, subject to booking in the event of a, when there are less than 3 days left before the trip, you must make a mandatory payment for the ticket. Otherwise there is no guarantee of retaining space. The fee without payment is kept for two days on condition that, If you stay before the trip 4 and more days. You must have your passport and birth certificate with your child, if he's going with a parent.

Joyfultravel has a staff of professional staff, Managers, dispatchers and drivers, who have extensive knowledge and decent experience in this field. They can be trusted and you can always rely on them.

Travelling with "Joyfultravel" will be pleasant and will give you a lot of positive emotions!




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