Travel to Spain better by car

4 Апрель, 2019


Is Spain on the Iberian Peninsula, is 80% its territory. The State also includes the Canary and Balearic Islands. Warm mild climate, many historic and cultural attractions, wonderful nature, the warm sea and the clean beaches throughout the year attract tourists from different countries.

By European standards, Spain is a pretty big country, thus opening up opportunities for fascinating trips. Move around the State could be using buses, trains or cars. While road transport opens more possibilities for knowledge of the country, its values, Since there is no dependence on the schedule of buses or trains, You can choose a route.

Travel by car in Spain is very convenient and comfortable, the quality of the roads is a wonderful, gasoline prices available. Overcome even large distance by car is easy. In Spain, in Alicante and other cities work rental of motor transport. Mostly the same rules of renting, as in other European countries.



To rent a car one way or another brand would need to have an international drivers license, banking cards, insurance. It is worth paying attention to, that right must be of international standard. In Spain traffic violation fines issued by the Inspector on site, as it happens the payment. In other European countries the fine is issued automatically.

When making road transport rental sine qua non supported the presence of credit card. If you will even pay for rent a car in cash, a certain amount is blocked on the map, What is insurance in case of damage of the vehicle.

All the roads in Spain good quality, regardless of whether paid or free trail. Paid Highway differ the opportunity to develop greater speed of movement, that helps cut down on travel time. On the toll road fare shall be carried out in manual mode, credit card or cash. Also pay can be directions in tunnels.

A car can be rented in special rolling paragraph, many international companies, including in Alicante, work directly in airports.





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