26 November, 2013


The beautiful ski resort of St. Moritz is considered, located in the Swiss Alps. A city with a population of about 6 thousand people, famous throughout the world as a unique and comfortable resting place.

St. Moritz is located in the canton of Graubrüden, in which more are located 42 ski resort. Among them are such well-known as Davos, Ароза / Arosa, Lenzerheide, Flims – Laax – Falera and many others.

Every year more than a million tourists visit this place, getting an unforgettable experience. Scenic Places of St. Moritz, mild mountain climate, Rich environments awaken the brightest emotions.

Health local sources have also long been known among those, who want to improve their health.

Rich and famous people consider it mandatory to come to St. Moritz sometimes, in order to relax in the luxury and comfort of the alpine villas and hotels built here.

But still many prefer to spend an active holiday here, because the city's ski slopes are unique and are considered to be some of the best pistes in the world. Their length is more than 150 km, and complexity makes holidaymakers have sufficient professionalism.



St. Moritz also hosted the Winter Olympics at a high level twice, confirmation of which, is the title of "World's Best Ski Resort".

The ski season here comes off at the end of November, and ends only in May. Variety of activities allows having a rest to find something special for everyone.
Here, at an altitude of almost 1900 m above sea level, held Grand horse racing, carried out on the frozen lake.
Golf, which is an indispensable entertainment secured class, held in the unforgettable conditions with balls Red.

St. Moritz also attracts guests with its famous bars and restaurants, offering to everyone to taste their gourmet dishes and drinks. One of the most revered is la Marmite, where you can enjoy not only the local delicacies, but the nicest views of the Alpine slopes.

Guests can spend their time in art museums and galleries, discos and charming shops.

At the end, you can go on alpine excursions with the help of special mountain trains.

Stay, held in St. Moritz, for a long time will fill your soul and mind bright, unforgettable sensations.

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