Istanbul. Travel in antiquity

7 May, 2014


Istanbul, Turkey.

Кратко о городе

Пролив Босфор протекает между двух частей Стамбула, соединенных мостом. Это азиатская и европейская (основная) части. Считается крупнейшим городом Турции, главным портом страны, культурным, торговым и промышленным центром. Также этот город является научным центром страны. Занимает третье место по численности в Европе. The bulk of the population are Muslims. As everyone knows, According to the number of registered marriages is leading City Las Vegas, and Istanbul ranked second.

Important dates and events

It is believed, that first colony Halkedon was founded by Greek settlers, coming from Megara, in 659 BC. e. Now this place is one of the districts of the city, which is known as Kadıköy.

To 74 year BC. e. на город постоянно нападали. Причиной нападений служило стратегическое расположение города, его возможность контролировать торговые пути на проливе Босфор. Later the city came into the power of Rome. When Septimii went North civil war, There were frequent raids of barbarians, Therefore, from its buildings only partially preserved times Hippodrome.


In 311 year narekaet Constantine the great city of Constantinople, New Rome. In the same year, he declares Constantinople the capital of the Roman Empire.

When the Empire disintegrated, Константинополь на этот раз стал столицей Византийской империи и был ею еще на протяжении тысячелетия. In 1204 году город разграбили крестоносцы, установившие в нем Латинскую империю до 1261 year. Затем в 1453 year city seized by the Turks, and then it became the capital of the Ottoman Empire already.

Geography and location

Location of the town falls on the north-western part of Turkey. The city is dominated by a hilly area. The area of the city, over 5 thousand. km ^ 2. The main part of the city is located in Europe. Its geographical location is very convenient to order, that town is in two parts of the world simultaneously on the way from the Black Sea to the Marmara Sea.

Istanbul at sunset.

Climatic conditions

Стамбул находится в крайней зоне субтропического климата, but, не смотря на это, на него оказывают ощутимое влияние холодные ветра с севера. Зимняя средняя температура держится около 6 градусов Цельсия. In Istanbul in winter cold enough and wet, and almost every winter in snow. Spring and autumn are frequent sudden changes in temperature, but spring and autumn are generally mild. Summer in the city is quite hot. The average temperature during this period is held at 24 градуса Цельсия. Summer in mostly sunny, cloudy weather during the summer, Istanbul is a rarity.degrees Celsius



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