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20 November, 2013


Historically and geographically, the situation was so, that the territory of Turkey has become a wonderful resort for many tourists. Coming to Turkey any person can rest well body and soul. So why not take advantage of it?Of the summer months, the best will be a holiday in Turkey in June – not so hot yet, yes and the prices are lower, than in peak season.

For nature lovers, the most favorable place will be Antalya. Here you can visit national parks and waterfalls.

Also very famous in Turkey is the resort of Alanya, on it you can stay in some inexpensive hotel near the sea. This resort has well-groomed clean beaches, and a large number of water attractions.



There are stunning sights in Turkey, for example, Pamukkale – a place that is a miracle of nature and a popular attraction in Turkey. On this hill there is a calcium-saturated beating source., giving her a unique shape, thanks to him, the hill got its name. The peculiarity of this source is that, after it has cooled, beautiful wavy streams are obtained.

Another interesting attraction is Istuzu Beach. Located in the southwest of Turkey, it stretches in a sandy strip in 6 Kilometers, separating the Dalyan River from the Mediterranean Sea. On this beach you can see a rare species of underwater turtles – Caretta.

Also, do not drive past the Dead City of Perge, the ancient ruins of this city to this day attract tourists no worse than the Egyptian pyramids. Here are the buildings of the time of the ancient Greeks and the great Roman Empire (agora, baths of ancient Rome, amphitheatre).

After relaxing at one of the resorts or visiting the sights of Turkey, you will return home, having received a lot of pleasant impressions.

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