Should I go to Eupatoria?

10 Март, 2021

Eupatoria is a small town, But very beautiful and cozy. You won't see pompous palaces here, typical of the southern coast of Crimea, but there is no fuss in Eupatoria either.. That's a huge plus., When you want to relax as a family or alone.

The Eupatoria coast of the Black Sea is a special place. First of all, tourists are attracted to the sandy beach. There is a salted reservoir with therapeutic clay in the city area. Clay deposits of Moinak Lake heal from many diseases, but have an unpleasant smell of hydrogen sulfide. However, any treatment requires some victims and this, Believe it, not the scariest. All people, without exception, can take healing clay sessions and for free.

If you are lazy to extract clay from the lake on your own, become a patient at moinaki Balneological Hospital, which is right on the shore of the reservoir. For a symbolic fee the client will be put on healing clay, after which he will be able to take a bath or shower in comfortable conditions.

In the sanatoriums of Eupatoria, that there are many in the resort town, massage rooms are available and all physiotherapy procedures are available. For holidays with children Eupatoria is the perfect place. No wonder in the Soviet era the best children's health centers were based here.

Not far from Eupatoria is the famous Popovka, that the younger generation knows more, like Kazantip. Kazantip is a daily festival of electronic music and even naked bodies. Get ready for a shocking moral mind spectacle.

Extreme situations are not typical for a quiet resort town, and rest here even alone quietly go girls. There are no intrusive male molestations, but romantic relationships to strike up in Eupatoria is very real.

Within walking distance of hotels, tourist bases and beach catering establishments of any level - tents with shaurma, pilaf and kebabs, coastal coffee shops, Bars, Restaurants. Eat better in establishments away from the center, where it is cheaper and safer for health, because the products don't heal, and the chefs and waiters try to please, because their salary is usually pieceme made.

Even tourists-savages here will quickly find a tolerable on the terms and money housing, go from which to the beach in minutes. But it is best to be prepared in advance, booking a seat at the hotel, boarding house or in a sanatorium through a travel agency.

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