Top 10 attractions in the Greek city of Alexandroupolis

29 April, 2019


Alexandroupoli is a cute, the quiet port city on the Aegean coast. Located very close to the Bulgarian and Turkish borders, so is particularly unique. The modern settlement of rather young. It founded the somewhere in the 19th century, fishermen from Macri and Maronii. Previously, there lay a small village with the name Dedeagatch. When at the end of the century, built a railroad, She started to develop beshennymi pace.

Top 10 attractions

If you are coming here not only for the sake of a beach holiday, but would like at least a little to touch the history of Greece, You should see the:

1. The Sanctuary Of Isis – surrounded by greenery and nature. This goddess is very worshipped in ancient times, even when the land is already it's Christianity. So here you can see many statues. Some of them are just copies. Well done in order, tourists could imagine, the temple looked like when something. Even a simple walk around the place allows you to get a lot of unforgettable emotions.

2. Airport – international destination. Why he got into the list of attractions? Firstly, Here fly passengers from all over the world for over 70 years. Second, It was named after the Greek philosopher Democritus, who was born here. It officially opened in 1944 year, Although the first was too small for the planes from other countries.

3. The Cave Of Polyphemus – located close to the city, in the West. Is one of the most significant archaeological finds in the region and protected at State level. It long ago lived one person, What is ceramic ware, found here. There are also various decorations, weapons, tools of the trade, animal bones. Here kept many secrets. Some of them are more than ten thousand years. Open daily for tourists.

4. About-Samothrace – immersed in greenery, What attracts the attention of travelers. Small size and small population make it a quiet paradise place. Residents mainly engaged in fishing. You can get there by ferry, from Alexandroupolis.



5. Lighthouse – stands on the picturesque promenade, which is considered to be a favourite place of walks. The symbol of the city. Looks like a solid stone tower in the form of a cylinder. Height – 18 meters. You can climb on the playground, with panoramic views.

6. Ecclesiastical Museum – one of the main attractions. It was founded back in 1976 year. All artifacts, you will see the, tell an interesting story of the development of religion in the territory of the. Located in the Cathedral square, in the modern centre of. Exposition boasts 400 unique exhibits of the ecclesiastical nature.

7. Ethnological Museum – located in a beautiful neo-classical mansion. It was erected in 1899 g. For visitors was opened in 2002. In the collection of the best examples of exhibits, that illustrate the cultural side of town.

8. Forest Dadias – growing near the settlement. Is a natural reserve. Will be interesting for all those, who likes to walk in the fresh air.

9. Beaches – 25 kilometer coastline allows you to find a place for all tastes. Good water quality, clean sand and excellent infrastructure are the main features of this zone.

10. Cozy restaurants on the square Politehniu – want to try the local cuisine, It is worth visiting the institution data. Foundation constitute the menu dishes of fish.




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