Топ-10 потрясающих мест в Европе: Santorini.

17 February, 2014


The blue domes of churches, at sunset, OIA, Santorini.

8. Santorini, Greece


I feel pity for the donkeys in Santorini. They have to daily perform the unenviable job of transporting the infinite number of overweight tourists up the slope on a truly monumental rocks. This hotspot-tourism (which I usually hate), However, in this case I'll ignore irritation because of the crowds of tourists, because Santorini is an awesome place on Earth. This Crescent-shaped Greek island – All, What's left, from once took a more symmetrical shape, a large part of the island of approximately 250 Year, After one of the largest volcanic eruptions in human history (Minoan Eruption). Yes exactly – much of the island has exploded!

Volcanic activity is the cause of the famous black sandy beaches on Santorini (That, like say physics, also cause, Why do so many tourists burnt here feet).



Classic city of Oia in the North-Western point of the island is famous for its blue-domed roofs, White dwellings and is one of the best places, where can I see the legendary sunsets of Santorini, which themselves are worth the trip to the island, to see it. Join the crowd of eager tourists in the early evening, to enjoy the sunset in the last hour, before it plunges into the southern part of the Aegean Sea.

Council: Santorini, is a magnet for cruise ships and prices reflect this, So what better way to spend the night on an island outside the city, This is a book with all the amenities of a cruise and visit the island at your leisure.


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