Тур по Северной Испании, ч.1

2 Июль, 2014


Фото: Собор в Сантьяго де Компостела, Испания

Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Northern Spain.

It took me a few hours, to determine the first present Pilgrim.

I'm inside under the roof, I have a glass of Sangria in one hand and a fistful of Jamón to another. He has done the hard hiking path, his hands are free, and all the swag is located in negabaritnom a backpack behind.

Pilgrim in the Cathedral in Santiago de Compostela, way of St. James.

Warm rain walked to Santiago de Compostela in throughout the day, that meant, that the rate of movement of the Pilgrim, billowing in the wide-brimmed hat and tight Slinky, waterproof coats, was severely limited. Although I am usually very careful and see all around are very detailed and in depth, but still never the object of my fascination was not someone or something, What is he wearing. Unlike me, Pilgrim was completely focused on achieving your goal, which was now just a few hundred yards in front of him.



In the past year, more than 192 000 pilgrims arrived in Santiago de Compostela in Northern Spain, After passing the famous Camino de Santiago route, also known as Way Nw. Jacob.

For Camino no formal starting point-"it just starts there, where you start "my guide explains to me later, – but for all the pilgrims journey must end in the majestic Cathedral of Santiago, where as they say were buried the remains of St. James the Apostle, brother of Jesus.

In Western Europe, pilgrimage route Camino is considered the third most important Christian pilgrimage route in the world after Jerusalem and Rome, and at one time was a popular rite of Christian initiation, established in the early 19th century 9. The most popular route stretches 780 km from St. Jean-Pied-du-port near Biarritz in France to Santiago and qualifies as pilgrimage. Each, who commits, must have Passport Pilgrim, which stamp and the date at the beginning of each stage of the journey, and compulsory indication of how, that he walked or rode on horseback past 100 km.

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