Тур по Северной Испании, Part 2

8 Июль, 2014


Фото: Римский мост в Кангас-де-Онис на севере Испании.  Автор: Зоя Кертис.

Roman bridge in Cangas de Onis in Northern Spain. Photo: Zoya Curtis.

Despite that, What is today a pilgrimage, It has become an archaic notion, all the same, in Santiago, паломники продолжают прибывать. Instantly recognizable by a mixture of exhausted, determination and a sense of duty to their faces, the more I see them, the more it scares me. Although, It must be recognized, that's my fear, It's possible, amplified, Because, that my path was one of the lightest, If not to say luxurious.

I'm on tour in Northern Spain with popular tourist company and instead walks and overnight stays in camping cabins, I travel in a comfortable bus to 40 places with air conditioning and sleeping in premium hotels.

However,, the difference between our travel doesn't for me my option, have lost their meaning, at the end of the day we all stood in the same cobblestoned square and looked at the same striking Romanesque cathedral.



Population of Spain is about 47 Million, Nevertheless,, through tourism the country attracts more 56 million visitors each year.

Many are drawn to the drenched tourist traps in the South to the famous paella in Valencia, the flirtatious dancers Flamenco in Sevilla and Mallorca and Ibiza Islands party outside the Iberian Peninsula.

But for those, who runs the risk of heading to the North of the country, gets a reward many stunning coastal landscapes, the most beautiful mountain ranges and some of the most significant Christian monuments on your buffet tour.

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