Warsaw beautiful and pritяgatelьna!

22 Июль, 2013




Warsaw is the capital of Poland and one of the most historic sites in Europe. Warsaw is so beautiful and attractive, that no traveler will leave indifferent. This city, most of their buildings, has pre-war origin, and the great masters of their craft restorers, have preserved his pristine appearance.
Palace Square is one of the first places from where tourists begin their tour of Warsaw. There is a column in the center here, built in 1949, and is a symbol of the city. King's Castle, who's been through a lot. It was erected, then crushed, then restored again. Several churches tower next to the palace square. They were also destroyed, and then restored. Дома, Markets, Monuments – Mysterious and Gothic places in Warsaw. Everything here is kind of majestic and royal. The attraction here is literally everything – Street, Parks, дома, Church.At home
Palace of Culture of Science – the tallest building in Warsaw. Medieval gate-bastion, Survivors of the German occupation . And also in the Polish capital there is a fabulous park Royal Lazenki. Divine palaces and statues, beautiful peacocks and squirrels, living in this unusual place.
The beauty of Warsaw can be listed forever, and walk endlessly. Hotels in Warsaw are inexpensive, about 3000 RUB. for a day for two adults, you can take a great number. With great service, Great furnishings and a beautiful view from the window.
Warsaw, stunning city. So much antiquity and beautiful mystery can not be found in any city in Europe. It is unique and unique. Its streets beckon, and monuments tell stories about the past and the harsh. Having been in Warsaw, as if dipped in the Middle Ages . In the era of kings and brave knights.

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