Eastern Europe remains the cheapest for skiers

23 October, 2013




The resorts of eastern Europe lowest price, but according to a new study, already not at all. The report of an organization such as the Post Office Travel Money from uk says, that the total price for a family ski holiday in the rest of Europe steel above, than last year.
Bansko in Bulgaria is still the cheapest resort, the prices here are on the 23% less, than the runner-up – Kranjska Gora, Slovenia.
Report shows, that family will have to factor in the higher cost resort, because Sterling has weakened against all European currencies since last year.
It, Really, do not take into account the cost of travel and accommodation, and dealt with all the necessary add-ons – Skipass, equipment rental, lessons and the cost of food and drink.
Of 10 countries surveyed, the cheapest destination for ski tourism seed was again in Bansko.
In the sum of £ 885 (pounds sterling) You can meet family of four, including the cost of the ski equipment, ski passes, ski school, Food and beverage, that in the end it turned out to 23% cheaper to stay in the Bulgarian resort, than in the Slovenian, Kranjska Gora (£ 1154).
The biggest price increase 13% was in Soldeu, Andorra (£ 1197) and now here for only £ 4 less, What Ellmau in Austria, the cheapest resort of Big Four (Austria, France, Switzerland, Italy).
Expenditures in the resort of Ellmau (£ 1201), turned on 16% дешевле, than in Morzine, France, on 20% меньше, than in Cervinia, Italy 30% меньше, than in Saas Fee, Switzerless




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