Croatian resort of Vodice

2 August, 2013


Хорватский курорт Водице

Croatia has three main resort areas, which are divided into Istria, Central and South Dalmatia. The town of Vodice is located in Central Dalmatia. The old town is compact and somewhat remote inland, and the new stretched out a narrow strip along the Adriatic coast. Most of the local beaches are strewn with fine pebbles, which is very convenient for relaxing with young children. Romantic young couples often come here, tk. Long coastline allows you to find a secluded corner on the beach or on the promenade for a romantic evening.

Local flavor

Residents often call their city a smaller replica of Barcelona. Externally, they are very similar due to numerous streets, built-up low houses in a mature architectural style. But the main similarity provides an incredible number of art galleries, concentrated in the center. You will also enjoy tangerine and olive trees, that grow right along the streets and intoxicate with their scents.



Despite that, that the old town itself is remote from the sea, This is where the best restaurants are located, nightclubs and discos. A certain center of nightlife is considered to be a fountain on the main square, which is a natural source of fresh water. And he's not alone here., for a large number of natural city keys and has entrusted its name. It's not surprising., Because there is a natural park nearby «Vransco Lake», where is the largest lake of the same name in Croatia.

Opportunities for relaxation

If you don't know, what would you like to do on vacation, then boldly head to Vodice. Go on your favorite flight to Croatia. The Adriatic Highway passes through the city, so the rest of the journey you can easily overcome by bus. There will be a luxurious beach holiday on the established beaches. You can easily find a secluded corner or a place for sports games by a large company.

By the way, Particular attention is paid to sports. Along the coast and throughout the city you can find sports fields, football and basketball fields, tennis courts, Table tennis grounds. On the coast, you can easily find a school of surfing and diving, You can also rent the necessary equipment there. The local jetty is designed for 400 Yacht, You can rent a boat there., yacht or just order a sea walk.

Day and evening you can enjoy walks around the city, learning about history and architecture, visit museums, go for a walk in nature reserves or nature park. But in the evening begins the enchanting action until the morning, the best discos and clubs are located in Dalmatia is in Vodice.




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