Protected beauty of Croatia!

29 Декабрь, 2013



Croatia can now provide holidaymakers with excellent service and impeccable natural scenery. This is quite an ancient country is famous for around the world for its magnificent resorts. Lovers of castles, monuments and fortresses necessarily cost to visit the country. The iridescent glare of Plievitsky Lakes, mesmerizing breathing waterfalls, picturesque hills and fabulous forest - this splendor can be seen by tourists.

Croatia stretches to the Northeast Shore of the Adriatic Sea. This country fascinates tourists with the charm of natural landscapes and magnificent mild climate. The capital of this country is the ancient city of zagreb, which is true, can be called a museum city. A variety of excursions, cognitive trips to the sights, all kinds of entertainment programs can visit and see tourists. There is a medical resort in this country - Naftalan, which is famous for its miraculous thermal springs.



Tourists are surprised, that in recent years, the level of service in Croatia's resorts has increased significantly. This is because, that these resorts are popular today. Today, hotels have a level of European quality service, this circumstance attracts a large flow of tourists. Take at least the most popular five-star hotel in South Dalmatia Hotel Croatia with a great level of service that you can .

Visiting the Istria Peninsula, tourists will enjoy the warm waters of the Adriatic, which are delicate emerald color. The weather here is always warm and calm. Holidaymakers must make famous excursions through the cities of Split and Dubrovnik, to plunge headlong into the magnificent palette of the history of ancient Croatia. Beautiful mountain scenery and the coast of warm and clean sea will make the rest in this country unforgettable.


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