Festival in the suburbs of Brisbane Ambiwerra Erinveyle

28 Июль, 2010




Фeстивaль Ambiwerra в пригoрoдe Брисбeнa ЭринвэйлeFestival Ambiwerra in Brisbene sochetaet in sebe topovuyu music and luchshie blyuda From restoranov Brisbena, to тaк жe eгo винныx зaвoдoв. Festival proydet in prigorode Brisbena Erinveyle 1 August.

Festival in individualnosti love vzroslym population of. Children under the age 5 and under the entrance to the festival is allowed only when accompanied by adults.

Ambiwerra - large glass goblet. It is given to all people, coming to the festival, for, that they should try the latest products wineries Plains Brisbane.

At the festival there will be no sales of bottled wine - the wine will be bottled only in special glasses. Beer lovers, too, will not be deprived.

Festival Ambiwerra - the essence of, Wine Fair, Beer, home cooking and music, lit extravaganza of exciting camping lanterns, tents, sites with unceasing live music.




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