Harbour Bridge – One of the main attractions of Sydney

3 Январь, 2012


Мост Харбор-Бридж ( Harbour Bridge ) - The largest bridge Sydney and one of the largest steel arch bridge in the world, which is one of the main attractions of Sydney, New Year's Eve "spoke" to the 16 languages ​​of the world.

So the words "Welcome to Sydney" than the traditional English, with the help of laser technology is projected in Russian, Chinese, Greek, Arabic and language of the indigenous inhabitants of Australia – Aboriginal.



Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore said, "Harbour Bridge - the largest bridge in Sydney, one of the largest steel arch bridge in the world, which is the hallmark of not only the capital of the country's most populous state, but the whole continent, should be multilingual. "" Choice of language was no accident, – said the Lord Mayor. – It is they say the largest diaspora of the country ". "In the New Year's Eve is expected influx of tourists from Russia, China, Greece, Middle East, – Clover Moore added. – Therefore, I believe, that the inscription in the native language they will be a kind of gift from the city and the testimony of our respect and goodwill towards other peoples and cultures ".

In addition to the inscription, over the Harbour Bridge in the traditional New Year's Eve fireworks display will flash, fireworks which are intended, the show will surpass the previous years.

Expected, New Year's Eve in Darling Harbour, visit the harbor more than 1.5 million people.

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