Australia is the world's leader in the number of new year Fireworks, part 2

5 Июнь, 2014


Фейерверки в Мельбурне.

New Year Fireworks: Fireworks over at Melbourne and Yarra River on the eve of new year's celebrations.

21-summer Bolívar Warner said, that Fireworks just keeps getting better and better every year.

«The older I get, the more I like it», said Australian resident Darlinghurst.

«There's always something, What are you waiting eagerly».

Completely unexpected effect this year, became the highlight of the show, was the emergence of the neon eye on the 12-storey building, width 72 Metres away, that seemed to, look at the Harbour.

Новогодние фейерверки в Сиднее.

Welcome to the 2014 Year: Views of the midnight fireworks from Sydney Town Hall. Photo: James Kraucher.

If the eyes opened just a couple of hours before, He, It's possible, noticed more 100 Marine yachts, retirees in advance in the waters of the Harbour, so people were able to see a great show with the sea.

Фейерверк в Мельбурне.

place, where it would be. New year's crowd of onlookers at Federation Square on the eve of the new year in Melbourne.



Before starting the Fireworks, thousands of spectators to lift Mrs Macquarie could marvel at the air show, during which the pilots had committed all sorts of breathtaking stunts, airplanes did loops and flew just a few metres from the water.

Новогодний Мельбурн.

Early start in Melbourne: in 21:30 Fireworks erupted over the stadium cricket ground at Olympic Park in Melbourne and the Yarra River.

For the first time in ten years, about 1000 Fireworks soared into the sky over the Opera House, as well as over the Harbour Bridge and pleasure craft, located in the Harbour.
During the celebrations, Police overnight was in hot spots, in full combat readiness.

Новогодние фейерверки в Сиднее.

Fireworks light up the sky over the Harbor Bridge in Sydney at midnight new year's Eve events.

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