Remembrance Day in Australia

9 Сентябрь, 2011


Remembrance Day in Australia – it is a holiday that Australians are met 11 November each year 11 am,remembering all the people killed in wars and armed conflicts, Memorial Day is about people who sacrificed their lives in all wars of the earth.

Originally, Memorial Day was founded in 1919 by King George V of Britain and was called Armistice Day. The official number was 11 November, on this day the pact was signed on the world, marks the end of a bloody World War I. Each year,, in all the countries of the Commonwealth, 11 Months, 11 days in 11 hours on two "moments of silence" in memory of the dead, freezes the life of the state. As a symbol of both world wars, Two minutes mark a homage to the people, who fought for the right to live away from their homeland.



Although, on the grounds that there was no war in Australia, Memorial Day here is just as important, than in the other countries of the Commonwealth. On this day of remembrance of all who died in the First and Second World War, honor the memory of all those, who suffered in countless wars.

Despite that, A what 11 November is Australia's official day of rest, all related to this day services are held during this period. At war memorials across the country are a service signal horn. Earlier this signal informs all about the end of the day, Now is the traditional signal at ceremonies commemorating those killed in wars.

Symbolic flower of Remembrance Day is the red poppy. Red poppies are worn on clothes and lay them to war memorials. This tradition came after the publication of the poem "On the battlefields of Flanders". Wrote this poem by John McRae was a Canadian military doctor. He described in his poem Flanders Fields, which has been heavy fighting, and after them, as if out of the shed blood of a soldier, rampant poppies.

Today, many Australians instead of red poppies, worn in the buttonhole of white poppies, as a symbol of the desire for peace and harmony in the world.

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