Boxing Day

20 Август, 2011


День подарков (English. BBoxing Day - A holiday, celebrated every year in Australia 26 December. Boxing Day is also celebrated in the UK, New Zealand, Canada, Samoa and in other countries, it is very common, and many favorite holiday.
The English phrase «Boxing day» is usually translated into Russian, as "Boxing Day", But the literal meaning - "Day Boxes". There is not much controversy, because it means there are boxes, which traditionally, before present, these gifts are actually put.

There are several versions, as was the name of the Boxing Day holiday ( Boxing Day):


1) 25 December Catholics around the world celebrate one of the major Christian holidays Christmas. According to the traditions of Christmas, on the night of 25 to 26 December, Santa-Klaus (fabulous grandfather, which gives Christmas gifts to children) puts under the Christmas tree gifts. In the morning, when everyone wakes up, they begin to open the box in which there are holiday gifts. If the family is large and many children, the house is filled with empty boxes, that children are not always in a hurry to lay, because their attention is focused on the content ... Apparently so, that day and became known in English speaking countries "day boxes", But when translated into several languages ​​found, that the name "Boxing Day" is more harmonious.

2) There is another version, that the name of the holiday was given a box in which the recipients of gifts in a hurry in order to exchange the gift shop, if he came not to their liking (outlets, Usually, provide the opportunity).



3) There are people, who believe, that the literal translation of "Boxing Day" and the title of this came from, that gathered to celebrate Christmas the people attached to the British people's fun - Boxing.

4) In the old days, among the aristocracy was made 26 December bestow gifts vassals and servants, who had received the day off, For a Christmas feast waited for the owners.

5) 26 December merchants were given to all, who worked on them (sellers, servants, clerks ...) a kind of Christmas Prize - box with delicious food and treats. Some people think, it put the name of the holiday.

There are several versions of the origin of the name of this holiday, and now provide the only correct it is hardly possible. Actually in, where there is "Boxing Day" especially at this and do not fixate. It is enough, this weekend and one of the good Catholic Christmas traditions.


Only the state South Australia not celebrates Boxing Day,this day in South Australia state holiday base.




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